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Winter Insects Bugging You?

Watch Out for These Winter Insects!

One of the best things about fall is that we finally get to say goodbye to the flies and mosquitos that have literally bugged us all summer long. However, we do not get to say goodbye to all insects, and many of them want to invade your home during the winter. Most insects are cold-blooded, so they tend to be more active during summer. Yet, some bugs bite during winter, and you will want to watch out and control them. It is best to contact a specialist for winter bugs because they need unique tactics to get them out of your home.  

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Below are a few of the insects that will try to share your home during the winter. We see many of these winter bugs all year round, but we might see them indoors during the winter since they seek shelter from harsh winter weather. Here is a list of the insects you should be on the lookout for: 

Beetles: You will usually find beetles in the warmest parts of your home. Typically, they hide out near your clothes dryer or water heater. They are not harmful bugs, but you do not want them to multiply and cause an infestation. 

Silverfish: These little creatures love cold and or damp areas. They are generally in basements or a rarely used bathroom. The female silverfish can lay thousands of eggs. When you start to see these creepy guys come out of hiding, contact All-State Pest and Lawn soon to avoid an infestation. 

Asian Lady Beetles: Ladybugs are often mistaken for the Asian Lady Beetle.  There are thousands of species of Asian Lady beetles, and the Common Ladybug is only one.   Unfortunately, some species of Asian Lady Beetles like to invade your home. Some people even think it’s good luck when a Lady Beetle lands on them but imagine if a multitude were in your house. They are productive members of your outdoor garden, but you don’t want to share your home with them, no matter how cute you may think they are. If a swarm of Lady Beetles enter your home, they can bite you, and they will secrete a yellow fluid that smells terrible and leaves an awful stain. 

Ants: Ants are colonizers, so if you see one, there are many more somewhere else in your home. They usually make their way to your pantry to steal food, leaving their germs behind.  

Cockroaches: Cockroaches cannot survive in cold climates, so they will do their best to find damp, warm areas in your home for survival. Like most insects, when you see one, there are likely more somewhere else, and you need to call the professionals before your home has an infestation.  

Ticks: Ticks can be very dangerous. They are known for biting and possibly transferring Lyme disease with their bite. They are especially harmful to your pets, so be sure to call us the moment you see them. 

Spiders: We see spiders year-round, but you are likely to see more of them during the winter. They can bite and cause serious injury depending on the spider. During the winter, you usually find them hiding in warm dark places such as a basement or corners. 

Do they Bug You?

 If you see any of the winter insects mentioned above, contact All-State Pest and Lawn as soon as possible. With All-State, you can trust that we will return your home to its pest-free condition. We will help prevent bugs and other insects from invading your home and help remove them if they gain entry. One call does it all for termite, pest control, lawn, and landscape services. Call us today at (901) 757-9111.