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Termite Prevention in Tennessee

Subterranean termites are considered one of Tennessee’s biggest pests. All sorts of termites affect different regions of the United States, and the subterranean termites call Tennessee home. Termites can cost homeowners an enormous amount of money once they discover their home is infested with them.

Your home is your safe haven and likely your most significant investment. Don’t let tiny bugs take over your serenity and your budget. Termites can feed on wood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That can cause significant destruction to your home and the equity in your home.

Did you know that there are factors that can make one home more likely to be a meal for termites than another? At All State Pest and Lawn, we understand the value of your property and the frustration termites cause, so we have compiled a checklist for you to do so that your home is less likely to be chosen as dinner for these pesky wood-destroying insects. The list includes:

  • Replace or remove old wood. Unfortunately, the subterranean termites of the south are more interested in wood as it ages. Therefore, if you notice any rotting wood on or around your property, it’s best to dispose of it promptly.
  • Reduce moisture around your home. Do you have a leaky water hose or gutters full of rainwater? Any puddles near your home? The subterranean termites are drawn to moisture and thrive in damp areas. So, try to eliminate any areas that could create moisture for termites. Also, remember, if you have water on wood, it creates an even more delicious meal for termites, so be especially alert for damp wood by keeping wood around your home as dry as possible.
  • Keep scraps of wood and firewood away from your outside walls. Firewood on the ground next to your home is also appetizing to termites. It is essential to realize how attractive wood is to subterranean termites. Try to keep your firewood at least 20 feet from walls and elevated from the ground.
  • Remove tree stumps. It can be a pain to call in a service to remove a tree stump, but termites will graze on the stump on their way to your home. If you notice any other decaying trees or debris in the yard, remove them too. Anything with cellulose is a meal for termites.
  • Separate soil from wood. If your home has areas of wood directly touching soil, this gives termites a direct route into your home. The same is true for sheds, outbuildings, and barns as well. If you can correct the property from directly touching wood, this will help to keep termites at bay.

At All State Pest & Lawn, we have been in business for many years and understand how termites think and react. Luckily, we know precisely how to remove these unwanted pests from your home. Before termites take over your home, call us today to schedule an appointment. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled at removing unwanted pests. To schedule an appointment, call (901) 757-9111.

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