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All-State Pest & Lawns FAQs

What are termites?

Termites are wood-destroying insects. While they play an important role in nature, they also cause $5 billion of property damage each year, according to ConsumerAffairs. Reach out today to learn more from our termite control experts.

How can I tell the difference between an ant and a termite?

When it comes to pest control, there are several ways to differentiate between ants and termites. See our list below for more information.

  • Waist: All termites have a “thick waist” where their abdomen meets their middle body region (thorax); ants have a “pinched-in waist” at that point.
  • Antennae: All termites have antennae that look like a “string of beads,” but all ants have distinctly “elbowed” antennae.”
  • Wings: Termite swarmers have two pairs of long, narrow wings with very few visible veins, and both the front and back pairs are nearly equal in size and length. Winged ants have two pairs of wings with several distinct cross veins and shaped long triangles, and the back pair is much shorter than the front pair.

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How do you recognize termite infestations?

Depending on your geographical location, termite swarms should be visible in the early spring. Termite swarms can be confused with flying ants. Telltale signs of termite infestation include soft wood in the home, mud tubes in the interior or exterior of your home (often near the foundation), and darkening or blistering of wood structures. Call All-State Pest & Lawn today to request a quote for quality termite treatment services.

Why do I need a pest control professional?

Our pest control professionals include pesticide application as just one part of a total pest management program. The untrained consumer, who purchases an over-the-counter pesticide, can only make an intuitive judgment on how to properly apply the pesticide. However, our pest management professionals rely on training, expertise, and sophisticated techniques to manage pests in an environmentally friendly manner. Contact us today to get started.

How much do pest control services cost?

Each home is unique in its pest control needs. Please call us today so we can give you an accurate estimate. Many people are surprised at how affordable professional pest services can be.

What insects are covered by the general pest service?

Spiders, crickets, ants, roaches, silverfish, and mice are generally covered under routine general pest control service. Fleas, ticks, stinging insects, and other flying insects require different and often difficult pest control strategies and thus are charged accordingly. Call today to learn more about our services.

How long will it take before I see the results?

It depends on the pest and severity of the infestation. Generally, you will see a reduction in pest activity immediately after our first visit. In some cases, it may take several visits. Reach out today to arrange a pest control visit.

Is it best to water in the early morning or late afternoon?

DO NOT water during mid-afternoon heat. Water less often and for longer periods. We recommend two to three times per week, at most, with a total accumulation between one to two inches. Watering less frequently for longer periods will allow the roots to grow deeper in the soil, which will allow for better water consumption and tougher turf. Call us today, and our pest control experts would be happy to share more tips.

How long will the treatment take?

From termite treatment to bed bug removal, different pest problems require different methods and products. Moisture, sanitation, and environmental conditions can all affect how long a treatment may last. Most interior applications can be performed in less than one hour. Reach out today to get started.

Are these products dangerous to kids and pets?

All professional pest control products have been registered for use by the EPA. When they’re applied according to label instructions by technicians who have been trained and licensed to use them, they pose virtually no risk.

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