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Mosquito Control

Summer is here, and with summer temperatures come swarms of mosquitoes. Once the weather peaks over 50 degrees, that is when mosquito season starts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could enjoy the summer without pesky mosquitos putting a damper on the day? Good news, at All-State Pest & Lawn, we offer a mosquito control package that starts in April and ends in October. We will come out every month to treat and reduce the Mosquito population in your front yard, around your shrubs and hedges, fence lines, turf, and all over the backyard and patio area. This process allows plenty of relief from mosquitoes but does not eliminate them entirely. As we mentioned, mosquitoes are pesky. To help you, we compiled a list of expert tips you can do in addition to having your yard treated monthly.

Eliminate Breeding Areas: If you have standing water anywhere on your property after it rains, try eliminating it. A mosquito can lay eggs in about as much water as fits in the top of a soda bottle, so look closely for areas they could be breeding and be sure to keep your recycling in a covered can if possible. Of course, there are some places you want to keep standing water, like a hummingbird feeder or birdbath. Dumping this water at least twice a week will prevent the mosquito larvae from growing into adults. You can also use larvicide tablets. These tablets contain bacteria that only kill mosquito larvae and is safe for other animals.

Use a Fan: Mosquitoes are terrible flyers; they can barely fly in anything more substantial than a light breeze. As a bonus, it will keep you and your pets cool as you relax outside.

Keep Your Gutters Clean: It is easy to overlook gutters as breeding grounds for mosquitos since they are not in our direct line of sight, but gutters get full of debris, leaves, and water, making them a perfect place for mosquitos to hatch their eggs.

Mow the Lawn: Did you know that adult mosquitoes rest on tall weeds during the day? By mowing your lawn regularly, you make your yard less hospitable for these insects.

Call in the Pros: As mentioned above, the best treatment for mosquito control are chemicals designed to kill them. Even the city will drive around emitting these chemicals to help control the mosquito population. When you call All-State Pest and Lawn, our team will spray away the mosquitos every month. Call us today to set up your treatment plan at (901) 757-9111.