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Getting Rid of Mice in your Home

The temperature is dropping. The leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. We are layering our clothes in the mornings and taking off the outer layers as the day passes. It is fall in the Mid-South. Football season. Pumpkin Spice lattes and hot cocoa. With all the wonderful things that fall brings, it does sometimes bring unwanted guests… mice.  

The cooler weather acts as a conduit for mice to find any way they can to squeeze into your home to get warm. Mice are agile climbers and can get through holes around cables or around pipes as small as a nickel. They are even known to get into your attic and make a nest.  

What are the Signs of Rodents in Your Home? 

  • Seeing a nest in your attic made of shredded paper or other similar materials or trails through your attic insulation. 
  • Seeing mice in the daylight hours as well as at night. This means there is a large population of mice.  
  • Gnaw marks: Large gnaw marks are made by rats as smaller ones are made by mice. Fresh marks are light in color and as the marks get older, they turn a darker color. Look for lighter, fresh gnaw marks to indicate a new infestation.  
  • Fresh mouse droppings. Droppings are found near food sources like drawers, pantries, near food packages, under sinks, in attic insulation, or around exposed plumbing.  
  • Your pets may be going a little crazy- they may, “Hit” on an area and act overly rambunctious. This is cause to check the area for unwanted vermin and the area may have a lingering stale smell due to infestation. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs call All-State Pest & Lawn to rid your home of your little unwanted guests. Mice and rats are known to spread at least 35 diseases to you and your family. They can be spread through contact with a live or deceased rodent, their excrement, saliva or through a bite. Rodents and their diseases can affect your pets as well as children.  

Even the cleanest of homes can harbor an infestation of rodents. Homes near large, open fields are a favorite target for mice. All-State Pest and Lawn is here to protect you and your home from these pests with a variety of extermination practices for your preference.  

Call All-State Pest & Lawn to schedule your appointment today at (901) 757-9111.  

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