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10 Pests to Call Professionals to Exterminate

Insects might seem like nothing more than pests, but they do serve some important duties β€” primarily as food for other animals β€” but should rarely be tolerated in your home. Your home is your castle and should be treated as such, especially with pest control management. Here are 10 insects you shouldn’t tolerate in your home and reasons why you should call a pest control company or exterminator as soon as possible.

1. Hornets

What is worse than having hornets hanging out in your yard, ready to sting you or your family at any time? Hornets living in your home’s interior, ready to drop down and say “hi” every time you open your door. That’s a big nope from most people and shouldn’t be tolerated for even a second.

Thankfully, pest teams understand this problem and can help you. Exterminators have various hornet-devastating sprays (that won’t harm your family) that will help keep hornets away! While we can’t completely clear your yard of hornets, we can help treat them!

2. Aggressive Bees

The honeybee and even the bumblebee are incredibly beneficial, as their pollination literally keeps the planet alive, and they should be kept alive whenever possible. However, some bees, including yellowjackets, are more aggressive than others. If you are noticing large bees or even wasps, you’ll want to talk with your pest team to learn which bees you should or shouldn’t keep in your yard. They can even come up with treatment plans that get rid of some, but not all, of these insects. In this way, you can keep your yard safe (a huge deal if you have kids) while also keeping your plants pollinated.

3. Ants

If you have ants in your home, you’re not alone; according to Get One Desk, about 50% of all Americans have ant problems in a year. That’s millions of people dealing with billions of ants: not good. Ants not only damage your home but can get into your food and even bite your kids and pets.

Can DIY ant treatments help out here? While those store-bought options may temporarily take care of the problem, a severe infestation can’t be handled this way. Instead, you’ll definitely need a professional who can help. Doing so will stop your home from getting taken over by ants for good.

4. Termites

Termites devastate homes. They can spread rapidly throughout a home, feeding on wooden beams, plants, and even books! Left unchecked, you’ll get millions in your home in a few years.

Like ants, termites have the nasty habit of getting just about everywhere in your home, even often spreading to hard-to-reach areas like the basement. You can’t let them hang out here because they’ll cause so much damage. Instead, just call a team to get help; you’ll be glad you took that step.

5. Bed Bugs

Do you have bed bugs? You probably don’t think so, but there’s an unfortunate truth few people want to face. According to Pest World, 97% of pest control companies have treated bed bugs in the last few years. These biting insects will leave small welts on your skin (the easiest tell-tale sign) and can hide from DIY pest control very well.

Bed bugs can sometimes go unnoticed and be hard to track down. For example, even people who know that they have bed bugs might struggle to physically find them in their homes. Pest management experts are no fools and are able to track down these bed bugs easily. As a result, they can get them out of your home for good. Calling a pest management company if you think you have bed bugs is an essential step you shouldn’t skip.

6. Spiders

Spiders are a bit like bees in some ways because they provide real benefits. While they may look gross and threatening, spiders actually chow down on flies and other insects and work well for pest management. That said, they’ve made this list of pests you probably don’t want wandering in your home.

General spiders aren’t that big of a deal, but poisonous ones can’t be tolerated for obvious reasons. You probably know the black widow on sight, but the brown recluse is a little trickier to spot. Just get rid of them all: it’s the only way to be sure. If you’re worried about the spiders you see in your home, call an exterminator to take a look.

7. Roaches

Intelligent, daring, disgusting β€” that’s the cockroach in a nutshell. Unlike spiders and bees, they provide your home with no benefits and spread as rapidly as termites, in our experience. Roaches spread disease, get into your food, and can even leave behind lots of bites β€”in fact, they don’t bite in defense, like most insects, but to literally eat your flesh. Thankfully, a pest management team can get these (often hard to remove) bugs out of your home through specialized treatments. Don’t hesitate to call a company to take care of these pests right away.

8. Fleas

The thing about fleas is that they aren’t going to bother you too much, as most can’t bite through human skin. Instead, they pester your pets. If you have dogs and cats, fleas will hop back and forth between them and leave behind lots of welts. Fleas can also cause various pet diseases, which are not good.

Flea-management systems, such as sprays and collars, can help out a lot here by killing them on your pet’s body. Some people even take their pets out of their homes for a week or two to get rid of fleas. That said, professionals are helpful if your flea problem has gotten out of control. Be sure to protect your pups and furry friends by calling on professionals.

9. Ticks

While fleas may be annoying to your pets, ticks can cause issues for both your pets and you as ticks can not only invade your pets but burrow into your skin. They also spread diseases and can be hard to spot. If you think your home or yard has a high level of ticks, it’s time to call a pest team to get them under control.

Ticks typically spread from your yard into your home, and then they settle in for the long haul. After all, there will be lots of warm bodies there to feed on, making it their ideal home. While ticks can seem annoying, they can also cause bigger problems such as Lyme disease. Because of this, you will want to take care of them as soon as possible! If you or your pets spend a lot of time outside, be sure to check for ticks.

10. Mice and Rats

While mice or rats may look cute and harmless, they are still considered a pest in your home. If you notice mice or rats under your cabinets or scurrying around your home, you will want to call a pest control company immediately. Mice and rat infestations pose health risks due to potential disease transmission through droppings and urine. Aside from that, mice can cause structural damage through chewing through wires or even insulation.

Working with a pest control team can transform your home and keep it safe, especially from very dangerous insects, and minimize potential complications. That makes it essential (and we mean that) to call a professional right away to get support. We’re here for you; with years of experience, we truly understand pest management. Just call us at All-State Pest & Lawn to get started, and we’ll do what we can to help.